For the youth wanting to master their athletics, and the parent wanting to occupy their child's summer.



SAQ athletes meet twice a week over a period of six weeks to enhance muscle strength, endurance and motor skills, and train for injury prevention, or “pre-habilitation" by running mechanics, movement efficiency, coordination and reaction training. Groups are divided amongst age and gender, and limited to 8 athletes per group. Full teams are welcome. With six or more athletes, we will designate an exclusive time slot. Contact for more details


Age Groups: 12 and under, 13 - 14 years old, and 15+ years old

Session 1: June 12th - July 27th (No classes the week of July 4th)

COST: $199/per athlete when paid in full prior to May 1st 2017,  $225 after May 1st 2017

Session 2: August 7th - August 31st

COST: $120/per athlete




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