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BRIAN CZARNIAK, owner and trainer

“My philosophy on health and fitness is in direct correlation to how I choose to live my live.“

I consciously choose to have health and fitness a part of my, and my family’s, lives.  As a father of three boys, I believe in teaching them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The same is true of the pride I take in training my clients and athletes the correct way, being a role model for them, and showing them how health and fitness is important throughout all aspects of their lives.

I believe in keeping things simple, staying consistent and always having a plan.  I teach my clients and athletes how to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.  No quick fixes or gimmicks, but rather a commitment and determination to being the best they can be!


  • Owner of Strive Fitness Facility

  • UW-LaCrosse Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise and Sports Science

  • 14 years of professional training



"Every person is the author of their own story, I’m here to help you write the best fitness story you can write."

Growing up I was always interested in sports. Whether it was soccer, Volleyball, basketball I had something sports related going on all of the time. I had a passion for being physically fit and always felt great about who I was and how I looked. My dream was to own and operate a gym. So in college, it was only natural to get a degree in sports and fitness management and a minor in business. After my sophomore year I decided to take some time off from school and got a job with an orthopedic surgical supply company. While working there, I’ve endured some of the greatest moments; like marrying my husband and having my two kids, and the most difficult moments; like losing my father to cancer. The difficult moments made me feel vulnerable and insecure about who I was and the way I looked. I was strayed from dream of owning a gym. I realized I needed to make a change for the better, work on reconstructing myself and my aspirations.

I started working out at work in our small gym and soon had a group of ladies that would work out with me. Seeing myself train them made me proud to see their goals being hit. I was proud of losing weight training these women and seeing our goals being hit. I’ve always known that I wanted to help people and change lives, but wasn’t sure just how until I finally began personal training full time in August of 2016. I often think of what type of legacy I will leave, and I can only hope that continuing on this journey and helping others hit their health and fitness goals that I am building my legacy. In every person's journey it is important to remember why you started and to not give up as much as you may want to. No matter how old, young, in shape, out of shape you are… Always remember even the best started out somewhere. Let’s write your story together and create your legacy.